Ocea. ‘Ocean without the n’.

Ocea was born out of the desire to simplify beauty & body care.


I come from a background of Beauty Therapy combined with Holistic Health.

After a lifetime of confusion – seeing all these different products that had a million ingredients, I began looking further into it to see what some of these ingredients were.

What I came to realise is that most of the ingredients in beauty and body care products were actually doing more harm than good Рabsorbing through the mouth and skin into my body and contributing to ill health.

When I began researching for alternatives, I realised how easy it could be and began making my own natural beauty and body products.

Ocea is about keeping it simple.
Showing how incredibly effective and powerful simple and easy to use beauty and body products are.

What have you got to lose? Try them on and see how you go.
Check out what’s on offer here

Love Tegan xo



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